The assignment from the client

For the label on the front of the box I’m thinking of doing a 3×3 rounded corner label. The box will be Kraft. I want the design to be simple and elegant, like our boxes, but compliment the label on the candle sans flowers, but using the color palette. Perhaps the logo in a circle in the dark burgundy color on a muted pink/blush background?…

If you’d rather go with a square label without rounded edges for the design, that is fine too.

The client were very thoughtful and provided some pictures for inspiration.

First draft

Non of these worked for the client. We decided that the logo should be the main focus on the label not the scent of a candle.

…make it the primary art on the label…

Also, originally they were going to go with a blush pink and gold. For the second round I tried to mimic a gold print.

Second draft

Finally, we found a directions that would work.

I like number 5 the most but we need to have the entire logo, including our name, on the label.

I continued working on that version.

Third draft

I tried different versions of the logo to see which would work better. Obviously, the horizontal one didn’t work. I also played a little bit with fonts.

Unfortunately, the client wasn’t able to find a print shop that could print in gold and gold imitation didn’t work for the client so we had to back to the original colors.

Fourth draft

The client has chosen the thinner font and the pink background. However, I like the burgundy background as well.

Final version